A Problem Worth Solving

An average of 17.9% of children under the age 18 are living in households that have limited or uncertain availability to nutritious food, or food at all. In the State of Tennessee along, statistics show that an average of 21% of households are faced with food uncertain. (Source: Feeding America).


Our Mission

Bread of Life Youth Enrichment and Nutrition Program mission is “Helping to End Hunger, One Meal at a Time.”

How we Achieve our mission

Our responsibility is to enlighten our community on the ongoing issue of hunger that plagues our society. We do this by providing enrichment activities, informative workshops, and meal assistance. We are currently providing healthy and hearty meals to At-risk youth after-school in our local community. We are serving a total of 300 youth, daily, with an increasingly amount waiting to be served.

Our goal is to serve and educate as many as we can, with the help from our community!-

“Bread of Life will do it’s part to solve the problem of child hunger in Memphis, and the Mid South”
— Martin Nolan, Executive Director